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Safe Place


Safe place is comfortable transformative housing alternative for young adults who have successfully completed detox and a 90 day drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. We support the 12-step program incorporating a holistic approach to heal the mind, body and soul of the drug addict/alcoholic.


Safe place assists parents in getting their friends, family and children into detox then a rehabilitation facility within 3 days of initial contact with me. My team has been working together to make this happen. As of September 6th, 4 people have been successfully placed into detox and rehab.


Young adults can call me 24 hours a day. When they want the help, our team is ready. Our mission is to provide safe and tranquil housing and education to support a healthy life style. We will connect, empower and provide a renewed practice to countless youths out there searching to find their way and themselves, while maintaining the road to recovery.


Safe place is a non-profit organization targeting our younger generation of youths, generally ages 18-30, who are recovering alcoholics and/or addicts, looking for place to live after rehab. They will have a new opportunity to start a new and refreshed life, re-connect to themselves, support each other with like experiences and share common interests. Through the utilization of our housing program and education, we use additional strategies so they can embrace who they are, recognize the power they hold and discover their purpose in this life time.

  • Provide housing for young adults who are recovering addicts.
  • Provide tools to obtain jobs, further their education and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Provide practices to create, clear, balance and harmonize their lives.
  • Lead people to their soul plan.
  • Expand consciousness and mindfulness.
  • Provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere to release pain and negative energy.
  • Kevin, our Recreation Director will provide organized outings such as kayaking, hiking, skiing, fishing and camping.
  • We will team up with Spring Mountain for zip lining and tubing.
  • Wells Fargo Branch Manager will speak once a month to our youth regarding budgeting, financing, etc.
  • A local licensed Social Worker has volunteered to work with the youth.
  • We use horse therapy on the property.  They will lean how to care for them as well. 

How to Help a Loved One Struggling With Addiction