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Awakening and Ascension

07 Jul Awakening and Ascension

If you began your awakening 2008-2012, you are the front runners who are now assisting others through their awakening and ascension journey. If you began your awakening 2013-2015, you may still be experiencing many uncomfortable upgrading and downloading symptoms as your vibrational frequency increases and your DNA is upgraded. If you just began your awakening in 2015, you are in the beginning stages of learning your truth, and the truth of all that is, which will propel you further through the ascension process. For those just now awakening, you have many front runners to assist you through this process. We are guiders, not answer givers, as it is important to learn your own truth attached to your own vibrational frequency at this time. We will guide you with assistance, but it is up to you to do the work as we have. As you connect with mentors through your awakening, it is important to use your own discernment and question everything. I say, if it resonates tuck it in your memory bank, if it doesn’t, chuck it in the bucket! Some things will resonate with you greatly, while others not at all. This is your discernment and intuition guiding you on your own path. Listen and follow your own intuitive navigation. It will never steer you wrong.  Lightworkers of the world.