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Complementary Consultations


Jill shares her knowledge to increase awareness of your gifts and your children’s gifts, expand mindfulness, gain understanding of individuals life force energy and how effectively use it to live a joyous, abundant life and together, evolve to a broader state of consciousness.


  • Reiki Master/Teacher Level:


Reiki is an awareness that an unseen energy flows through our bodies which affects the quality  of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  Reiki is an alternative approach to increase an individuals supply of life energy, thereby, restoring proper energy flow and well being.


  • Pranic Healing:


I’ve studied Pranic Healing.  I also worked with Angela Bonkerzone,  a Pranic 1 Healer on clients for 6 months in 2015.  Pranic takes that unseen energy flow, digs deeper into the emotional and etheric body, removing etheric cords and correcting tears in ones Aura, to name a few.  Thus, restoring a proper energy flow (Chi), balance and deeper well being.


  • Esoteric Healing:


Along with study, group learning, retreats and my spiritual teacher, Karolee Scholth, I have a deep understanding of this healing.  Esoteric refers to the place of repose – ‘the innermost’.  Sacred Esoteric Healing is founded on the principle, as give to us by Einstein, that ‘everything is energy’.  Sacred Esoteric healing looks at the fact that every ill or condition has an energetic root that needs to be addressed.  Therefore, even if all the symptoms of a disease are ‘cured’ (for example through conventional treatment) the underlying energetic imprint of that condition may remain.


  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart


Attended a 4 day intensive workshop to experience the Sacred Space of the Heart and the tiny space of the heart to fully connect to self.  This experience creates higher consciousness to all of life everywhere, our connection to it, decreasing the polarity of the brain into unity of the heart.


  • Game of Earth/Rays of Creation


A 12 month commitment with 15 other women, this workshop focused on education and mediation.  We learned about the reality of our life on Earth;  understanding what Earth is, why we are here on Earth, what the rules are and how to effectively use tools to begin living the life of our dreams.  This class can free us from the anxiety and lack of freedom in one’s life; Assists in finding one’s soul plan.


  • Crystal Properties, Healing and Grids


I completed this course for a comprehensive understanding of crystals, their usage and their properties.  For those who become sober, this information seems to aid in the recovery process while expanding consciousness.  In my experience, this is foundational information to lead one to God.


  • Certificate of Ordination


I am legally ordained under “Sanctuary of the Beloved” an incorporated, non-denominational church in NY State and in the United States.  We are individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition.  Many of the world’s religions are represented.  We are not a religion, but a Service Order.  I can perform weddings, baptisms, dedications, funerals, memorial services, blessings and meditations.  Additional information upon request.

What I Do

I assist in awakening the power within you.  I will meet with you to discuss many topics to a holistic approach to healing your mind, body and spirit.  Feeling drained, sad, or know there is more to this existence than what you were taught, contact me.  I will help you with an understanding of your own energy. You will know how to use it effectively to create the life of your dreams , live joyously and bring into existence exactly what you want out of it.


Do you find you child “sensitive” or have a calming affect when they around family and friends? You child is very special and also has a soul plan while on this planet. I will teach you additional tools to nurture and understand that part of you children.


One Hour $20.

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