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About Us

About Us

A little bit about Jill Savory: I began my spiritual journey 14 years ago. I experienced profound life changing events which propelled me to continue to find truth, study, help others and learn everything spiritual and the science behind it. I work with people individually and as a group to assist with spiritual development, healing the physical, emotional and etheric body and life after addiction.

Our Culture is very much defined by a pervading sense of fear, competition, seperartion and alienation. In my experience, increasing numbers of people are experiencing a deep internal need to feel a direct, transpersonal connection to the web of life and to each other. I will bring you into this connection, awakening you once again to the knowledge that we are more than a body with an ego, we are love.

Our Mission

Holistically help people reach and reconnect you with your hearts and souls; assist you to get back to your true selves/soul plan. Educate you to understand your energy, how effectively use energy to live a joyous and happy life under all circumstances.

Who We Are

We are a Team of Spiritual Leaders, Empowerment Coaches, Guided Mediation Facilitators, Esoteric Healers. Ordained Ministers under the “Sanctuary of the Beloved” (we are not a religion, but a Service Order) and Jill Savory, Founder of Safe Place. We have a deep passion to help those discover who they are and be comfortable and happy within themselves. Jill will assist healing people from experiences that have affected their life, dissipate negative energy and assist in finding one’s soul purpose. Jill’s gift is that she meets people exactly where they are on their journey we call life and gently and lovingly guide them back to themselves and their creator.


Its our privilege to serve your needs, hang ups and hurts and assist you to release what no longer serves you. We will bring you into an understanding that life circumstances is happening FOR YOU, not to you. Our services include education, personal assessments of your energy and tools to live free of the bondage of self and much much more. Click here to return to Safe Place Page.

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