Welcome to An Awakening | A Safe Place Service
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Love People, Love the Planet, Serve the World!

Our culture is very much defined by a pervading sense of fear, competition, separation, and alienation. In my experience, increasing numbers of people are experiencing a deep internal need to feel a direct, transpersonal connection to the web of life and to each other. I will bring you into this connection, awakening you once again to the knowledge that we are more than a body with an ego, we are love.


To help people reach and reconnect with their hearts and souls and assist them to an understanding of their own energy, how to effectively use ones own energy to live a joyous and happy life under all circumstances

If you, a loved one, or someone you know is struggling to stay clean and sober, we can help… We welcome you to contact us as with any questions, concerns or thoughts.

An Awakening Group will help you discover why you feel the way you do and assist in awakening the power within you.

Learn what to do to replenish energy, balance and harmonize your chakras and bring about a healthier aura.


We provide a safe, relaxed atmosphere to release pain and negative energies.